The Primer

The Primer


Smoothie Buffer~! Only 4 left!
Luxury Nail Forms Only 4 left!
The Crystal Dish Sold out

The Crystal Dish

Sold out

Happy Gel Tube Key Only 4 left!
Stiletto nail tips~! clear Only 2 left!
Play Gel !~ On sale

Play Gel !~

$23.99 $26.00

Speed!~ express sculpture nails On sale
Pinchy Tool !~ Only 4 left!
Maxi Ink Set !~ Only 2 left!
Logo Apron !~ Cute and Fun Only 4 left!
Pink Cuticle Nipper !~ Sold out
Pink Wizard Bit !~ Only 2 left!
Maxi Ink Set !~ Vol 2 Only 4 left!
The Color Chart Story Book Only 4 left!
Mini Toy Nail Drill Only 3 left!
Cute Diamond Case !~ Sold out