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My names Justine, I am a 30 year old proud Mum to my little girl Reggie.I am based in Wollongong NSW.I have always had a love for nails and whilst on maternity leave, I finally had some time to obtain my qualifications.Soon after qualifying I opened up my own business under the name of HardCLAW NailsRoughly 6 weeks into my Nail journey I was lucky enough to become part of the Exclusive Nail Couture Australian Ambassador Team, Mel and the Team have welcomed me with opened arms and have been nothing but supportive.I am always open to additional training and furthering my knowledge and skills, I love to push myself and try new things.

I can't wait to see what the future holds, Justine's designs are bright, fun & fashionable.Delightful & classy her ability shines.We are thrilled to have Justine on board & look forward to her continuing success.

Justine Stark - NSW 


Hi, Melanie is my name, I'm 45years old and I've been a nail fanatic/addict for around 25 years. For years I had been paying others to do my nails only to never be happy with them, this lead me on a path to teach myself! Well for a while they were dreadful, no really, I use to hide my right hand when people looked at them! but me being me, stubborn and headstrong, I just kept practising. Then people started asking where I got my nails done, they wanted to go there too.Nails has never been my career but most certainly my passion. I've always only used acrylic, and all different types of embellishing to make my sets sparkle shine and stand out. Now that I have found Exclusive Nail Couture Australia, it was love at first use!! And there is nothing to want for to make nails stand out from others.I am so excited and super proud to be asked to be an ambassador alongside the other super talented nail artists I share this privilege with. I’m inspired to create something fun, and beautiful every time I sit down with these amazing products!Can't wait to keep creating and develop my skills even more with the different mediums in the collection.Exclusive Nail Couture for life!!

Melly’s passion shines in her bright & creative sets. She has a bubbly & fun personality which transcends into her creations.We look forward to sharing in her journey with us.

Hi everyone,My Name is Michelle I’m 49 and here’s a little bit of an intro about me.I’m from the UK 🇬🇧 I came to Australia with my Family when I was a teenager.I’m happily Married and have 3 young Adults. I live in Beaconsfield, Victoria. I’ve been in the Nail industry well over 10 years. I’ve used many nail systems. Nails is my Passion I love bright nails, glitter nails, foil nails and much more.Sadly, I was in a car accident in 2018 & have endured many surgeries. Due to the extent of my injuries, I couldn’t go back to doing clients anymore, that broke my heart. Last Year is when I came across Exclusive Nail Couture. And I pushed myself to do this and gave it a go, I’ve never come across a nail system like this using the 123 go and I’m so glad for this I love this product. It’s quick and easy to use. I’m honoured that Melanie asked me to become an Exclusive Nail Couture ambassador in Australia and I’m ever so grateful for this opportunity. It’s given me back what I lost.

Michelle brings with her a wealth of talent. Her designs bring an air of sophistication & class. We are very honoured to have Michelle on board.



My name is Shea and I’m a 37 year old nail enthusiast. I was born in Hobart TAS, however I moved to Perth WA when I was six years old, where I currently reside with my husband of 12 years.Whilst I’ve always loved all things cosmetic, my increasing interest in nails started in my 20s. Going to a nail salon and getting my first set of acrylics was so fascinating! (French using white tips of course).Doing my own nail enhancements didn’t start until 2020 using the 123go system and I was hooked! Learning from the 123go nail structure and how an extension should look, my inspiration grew as I expanded into hard gel, happy gel and more recently acrylic. Being able to create a beautiful piece of art and wear it is so fulfilling.Becoming an Exclusive Nail Couture Australian Ambassador and their support has only increased my desire for all things nails! I have no idea where my nail journey will take me, but I’m enjoying every step, sprinkling glitter and diamonds along the way!

Shea brings a sassy & creative edge to our team. Bright & appealing transcends into some stunning creations. Currently in training & updating skills we are super excited to be showcasing Shea’s work.

Hi, I’m Rhett Major and I’m from Canberra. I have been obsessed with nails for a little while now with my obsession starting with nail polish. I remember going down to my local chemist and seeing the wall of polish and thinking “I need them all” and ever since then… I’ve gotten them all. I am just entering the nail world with the ambition to one day own my own salon. I discovered the 123 go system through Max’s social media. I followed for a while and on my birthday, I bought the XXL coffin tips along with the rest of the system. Before the package had even gotten to me, I bought two more different shapes. Ever since I started working with Exclusive Nail Couture and the 123 go system I haven’t looked back. I’ve ever so slowly started opening my nail doors to friends and family and we have decided that the 123 go system is for us! My passion is for creative and colourful designs, giving my clients nails as close to perfection as I can. Rhett brings a creative flair for thinking outside of the box in his nail creations.

 We delight in showing casing Rhett’s passion with you all & look forward to continuing our journey with him.