Maxie Ink Set Vol 3 !~ ( NEON INK SET )

Maxie Ink Set Vol 3 !~ ( NEON INK SET )

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Maxie ink set is here volume 3 ! our new neon ink set 

Magicaly make beautiful watercolor, tie-dye & marbling effects and more with ease! Our AMERICAN made cosmetic quality approved nail inks! . maxie ink set  works ONLY with velvet matte gel as a surface . Please apply a layer of  velvet matte topcoat over color gel before applying maxie ink. Seal with a coat of Shinee or wonder-gel for a beautiful, diamond like finish!

maxie ink set contains 6 colors (each color is 10ml) and comes in a cute carry pouch!

colors are beige, white, sky blue, crimson red, lavender, pastel green 

* you need velvet matte gel as a base for maxie ink set or else it will not work

seal with the new wonder gel or shinee gel !

*Due to the nature of this product it is very fine and and product leakage is possible, we are not responsible for damaged or leaked products. We try our best to ensure no product is wasted or damaged. xoxo