Painting Gel !~ New
Painting Gel !~ New Painting Gel !~ New Painting Gel !~ New Painting Gel !~ New

Painting Gel !~ New


The new magical painting gel is here !~

Now in a 15ml tube which makes it easy to travel and store, no product spillage and waste !~ 

Create amazing detailed designs using gel painting techniques. These new generation gels work like paint, they do not run from start to finish, no shrinking, excellent thin coverage and blends beautifully for special effects and all before curing !~

Its is awesome that the ingredients are cosmetic grade and FDA approved.

Now in 20 candy scented colours !~

1. Black

2. White


4. Gold

5. Silver

6. Yellow

7. Pink

8. Blue 

9. Purple

10. Green

11. Nude

12. Bright Pink

13. Peach

14. Dark Green 

15. Royal Blue

16. Chocolate

17. Violet

18. Pearl Mix

19. Wine

20. Turquoise

These gel colours can also be blended with gel and or acrylic to create stunnig effects.

  • Excellent adhension for transfer of foil
  • Colour does not dull, fade, wear or chip 
  • The perfect addition to any colour range 
  • Perfect for nail designs
  • Perfect for both fingers and toes
  • Easy one coat application 
  • LED & UV cure
  • Now in 20 colours and candy scented
  • No Need to mix colours