2020 Newest Nail Art Model Female Silicone Practice Hand Mannequin !~

2020 Newest Nail Art Model Female Silicone Practice Hand Mannequin !~

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Practice Hand for Acrylic/gel  Nails Silicone Female Mannequin Life Size Hand as Nail Practice

includes a table clip holder!~  

3 skin tones to choose from! Vanilla (fair) Cinnamon (medium tan) Chocolate (Deep)

*all hands are left only.

works perfectly with out 123go nails to display your nail art !~

  • [Upgraded version] We have upgraded the nail bed, now the nails can be inserted into the nail bed about 10 mm, so that the nails are more suitable for the nail bed and more stable.
  • [Use For] False nail tips can be inserted into the fingers tightly without glue then you can design and paint nail art patterns on nail tips. Perfect For Nail Art Beginners / Nail Salon Artists Use.
  • [Reuse] It can be re-use for acrylic, gel. Our hand model can be soaked in the acetone, and they can also be used in the nail lamp. It is a perfect model for practice nail art.
  • [Adjustable Steady Form] The finger has built-in bones that can be bent at various angles as needed(Bone positioning model only), it is soft and touches like jelly.Models without built-in bones cannot be located.

  • Features

    1.This model hand is made of sturdy, flexible new-type high polymer material Platinum Silicone without bad smell. What's more, its size is just like a real human hand.

    2.Can be used for acrylic, gel and wrap practice, nail art designing and nails art practice etc.

    3.False nail tips can be inserted into the fingers tightly. You can design and paint nail art patterns on them easily.

    4.The hand can be detachable with the fake nails. It can be re-usable and convenient for nail art practicing.

    1. Style: Soft silicone
    2. Material: Platinum Silicone (More lifelike than TPE)
    3. Size: Length -18CM, width - 7CM
    4. The nails are designed to insert, you can make a nail art in seconds without glue.

    Flexible Fingers

    1. The finger has built-in bones that can be bent to any desired position as you like.
    2. Easy to practice technology of nail painting.

    Skin Texture

    The product of the real person's inverted model completely presents the perfect skin texture of the real model, the degree of detail is like watching a piece of art.

    How to use acrylic glue to stick nails?


    1. The nails we presented are very matched with the nail bed, and will not fall off or turn up.
    2. Please kindly understand that our hand molds cannot be produced according to the nail size you like, so it is normal for them to fall off or turn up. But please don't worry, I can give you some suggestions to solve this problem.
    3. You can apply acrylic glue to the nails and insert the nails into the nail bed. Acrylic glue will fix the nail on the nail bed without falling off. Then you can make creative designs on the glued nails.



    Please use acrylic glue like our quicke nail glue to stick your nails!!!

    If your nails still fail to stick to the nail bed after using glue, it means you have used the wrong glue. Please buy acrylic glue!!!

    How to use acetone to remove nails?


    1. When you want to design a new nail style, you need to completely soak the finger with the nail part in acetone.
    2. After soaking for a period of time, the nail will easily fall off.
    3. Wipe gently with a damp paper towel, and the nail bed will look like a new one without any damage. This can achieve the purpose of reuse.


    ALL SALE FINAL, no refund, returns or exchanges. Please use common sense with the hand and do not put the fingers in unnatural positions or use force as it can damage the hand. when filing around the cuticle area you have to go very slow and be careful.