Russian manicure kit (drill bit set for prep and cuticles)

Russian manicure kit (drill bit set for prep and cuticles)

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enailcouture takes nail prep and manicures to the next level with our new russian manicure drill bit kit, inspired by the famous Russian  manicure technique tailored to American style!~ made with real diamonds 

  • This kit can be used for the cuticle area, side walls,dead skin, and under the nail edge.
  • Safety: they are gentle, smooth and do the job and prevents hangnails.
  • Portable: suitable for Manicurist  Salon use.

the Needle bit can be used to clean the cuticle area, side walls and use it for under the nail edge.

Premium Material - Made of superior diamonds. These nail art tools are hard-wearing and durable to use. 

  • Multi-Function - It is ideal for nail beautify, nail polishing, nail clear and care. You can refine and shape nail edges, polish the surface of acrylic and gel nail, and remove dead skin easily.
  • Universal Size - 3/32" shank, suitable for most electric or rechargeable manicure nail file machine. To protect your skin from being harmed thanks to superior craftsmanship and well-tested design.


    • Don’t do cuticle clean more than once a week.
    • Use a low-speed and gentle handling is enough to get clean and flawless nail prep out of these cuticle cleaner nail bits.
    • After every service, clean the bits by soaking them in acetone, and brushing them with a cleaning brush. That lengthens the life of your burrs and keeps them working at their peak performance.

The Diamond Ball bit can also be used for the cuticle area, and side walls. The stone ball bit is for polish the corners or sharp ends after diamond one. 

The Flame bit is to clean dead skin on the side of the finger nail, or dry cuticle that is stuck on the nail. 

The cylinder are also to clean the side walls and dead skin on the side of the finger nail. 

But we all use them different depends on the habits and what you are used to work with /how.

all sale final, proudly made in the usa